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Saving Face, an Arizona nonprofit organization dedicated to providing pro bono corrective facial surgery to survivors of domestic abuse, was founded by Dr. Sidney J. Starkman in 2019. Dr. Starkman has always had a heart for the underserved, and he established Saving Face in order to make a real difference within his community. Injuries acquired during domestic violence, particularly facial injuries, are damaging on physical and psychological levels, and Dr. Starkman is devoted to using his skills to help. Women, children, and men who have treatable facial injuries from domestic abuse are urged to apply for eligibility.

To be eligible for treatment from Saving Face, survivors must first contact and register with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence or the Arizona Sojourner Center. Once registered, survivors are required to enroll in either centers' programs to ensure they are safely away from the source of domestic abuse. The chosen domestic abuse center will then confirm to Dr. Starkman that the survivors are in a safe environment and no longer at risk. They are then eligible for pro bono treatments for their facial injuries like scar revisions.

Saving Face performs outreach both online and via print publications, as well as through various partners in the community who have more direct contact with abuse survivors. These partners include Phoenix, AZ domestic violence shelters, such as the Sojourner Center, the Hope Women’s Shelter, and the Vista Colina Emergency Family Shelter. Domestic violence survivors can also be provided information about Saving Face through local domestic violence hotlines, law enforcement centers, and other medical offices.

If you are interested in becoming a member surgeon of Saving Face, please contact Dr. Starkman at Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery.

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