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About brow lift surgery

The eyes are often the first area of the face that we look to when interacting with other people. Likewise, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest of the face, so the eyes typically are the first areas to show signs of aging, or a fatigued look. Along with eyelids causing signs of fatigue, the eyebrows and forehead can also fall due to gravity. Fortunately, droopy brows can be corrected with a procedure called a brow lift at Scottsdale's office of Dr. Starkman.

A sagging brow can oftentimes create a tired or angry appearance. A brow lift surgically improves a sagging brow to give patients a rejuvenated face by removing excess skin from the forehead and raising the eyebrows. Dr. Starkman, a facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ, has performed brow lift on both men and women to create a younger look.

Ideal candidates for a brow lift

As we grow older, skin laxity increases and causes several portions of the face to droop. This is especially important in the upper face region and affects both women and men. When looking in the mirror, do you seem tired or angry, notice frown lines between the brows, or see a drooping brow? A Scottsdale brow lift at Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery may be the right cosmetic treatment for your goals.

Brow Lift Scottsdale

Why choose Dr. Starkman for a brow lift?

Dr. Starkman is a Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, specializing exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and neck. Trained in traditional open-technique (using an incision along the hairline), Dr. Starkman has also refined the “Endoscopic Brow Lift technique.” This modern procedure is minimally-invasive and can achieve a rejuvenated brow without the traditional forehead scarring. Dr. Starkman is a regular lecturer on the nuances of this technique at Facial Plastic Surgery conferences.

His philosophy with a Scottsdale Brow Lift is to achieve natural results, and most importantly, to maintain the natural shape of the brow. Too often, patients undergo brow lift procedure elsewhere and have results that change the shape of their brow. Dr. Starkman addresses each portion of the eyebrow individually to ensure the brows are symmetric and natural.

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Surgical technique

Prior to surgery, General IV Sedation Anesthesia will be used. The incision technique used during a brow lift is determined based on the severity of laxity, whether the forehead is affected, and the position of the hairline. There are many approaches to consider:

Traditional Incision

Also called the open browplasty incision, this places the incision at the top of the head behind the hairline. The open incision not only conceals scarring, but it also provides a certain degree of controlled lifting during the procedure. The open incision works well for those with both a sagging brow and frown lines. This is the ideal incision if you are at risk for having a receding hairline.

Trichophytic Incision

This incision is placed right along the hairline. It allows significant lifting of the brow for patients who have a strong hairline with little risk for recession.

Lateral Brow Lift

Also known as a temporal brow lift, this technique starts the incision within the hairline just above the temples. A temporal incision allows the outer sections of the brow to be treated and is best for sagging that is present in the outer brows. A temporal brow lift also helps to treat Crow’s feet.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift

This is a more modern technique used in browplasty surgery, and is what Dr. Starkman uses in 95% of his cases. He places five 1-2 cm incisions just inside the hairline, and inserts the endoscope (camera) through these incisions. His instruments are used to release the brow and forehead tissue from its attachment to the top of the orbital bone. Through the camera of the endoscope, the brow and forehead tissue is lifted and suspended in its higher position.

What to expect following a brow lift

Recovery following brow lift surgery varies for each patient. The majority of discomfort and swelling occurs with the open method versus the endoscopic or temporal techniques.

Overall, there will be slight bruising and swelling in the upper face near the brows and possibly around the eyes, and cold compresses may help to reduce the swelling. Dr. Starkman advises patients to sleep upright for at least three nights following their surgery, and it is important to avoid any movement or activities that may place stress on the face. The average recovery time from this procedure is 2 – 3 weeks. The outcome, a rejuvenated appearance that looks softer and more alert, can usually be seen immediately. You will also have a noticeable reduction in fine lines and sagging in the upper portion of the face.


How much does a brow lift cost?

It's more important to focus on finding an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Starkman, who can give you the results you want rather than on choosing the cheapest surgeon. The cost of brow lift surgery will vary based on the technique chosen, anesthesia, and other factors. Once your treatment plan has been created at your consultation, an estimate of costs can be discussed. Dr. Starkman can also go over payment methods and how to find low-interest financing so your surgery is easier to afford.

Do I need a brow lift or facelift?

Whether you should get a brow lift or a full facelift will depend on your goals and where you have sagging skin. You should candidly discuss your concerns with Dr. Starkman so he can help you decide what is best for you. Many patients who come in thinking they want a facelift and discover they only need a brow lift, and vice versa. With his experience, Dr. Starkman can confidently help you decide on your treatment plan so you get the results you want.

What about non-surgical treatments?

There are many nonsurgical treatments, such as laser skin tightening and injectables (like BOTOX and Juvéderm), that can give short-term improvements. However, a surgical brow lift is better if you want significant improvements and longer-lasting results. During your consultation, Dr. Starkman can go over both your surgical and nonsurgical options so you can decide which is best for you.

What technique should I choose?

Dr. Starkman will go over surgical techniques during your consultation to help you understand the advantages of each. He will then help you choose the best technique for your needs and goals. Some of the factors that may influence your choice are your hairline (taking into account both your current hairline and your risk of future recession), the degree of skin sagging, and how much time you can devote to recovery.

Will my results look natural?

When you choose a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Starkman, your brow lift results will look natural. He will develop your treatment plan for your needs and goals so you look refreshed and younger, not tight or frozen. During your surgery, Dr. Starkman will focus on removing excess skin. The remaining skin and tissue will be smoothed so your results don't limit your facial expressions or lift your eyebrows too high.

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Additional References:

If you have any remaining questions about brow lift surgery, take a look at some of the blogs that we have to help add further clarity. And reach out to our staff if you would like to set up a consultation with Dr. Starkman.


Brow lift at a glance

Average Cost: $9,000 - $10,500
Recovery Time: 1 – 2 Weeks
Average Procedure Time: 1 – 2 Hours
Post-op Follow-up: 1 Day
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient

Look refreshed and content

If your sagging brow is causing you to look mad, sad, tired, or angry, schedule a consultation to learn more about a brow lift with Dr. Sidney Starkman at Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ. By correcting your sagging brow, you can revitalize your entire appearance and look younger and more refreshed. Dr. Starkman strives for natural-looking results. Your browplasty will have your friends and family saying you look more refreshed rather than thinking you had cosmetic surgery.

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