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About ethnic rhinoplasty

People of all ethnicities have distinct facial features, including the nose, that are important parts of who they are and where they are from. Ethnic rhinoplasty in Scottsdale is all about refining your appearance without losing your nationality and ethnicity.

Ethnic rhinoplasty requires very special skill to ensure you receive the refinements you want while also maintaining your unique ethnic identity. For ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Starkman carefully considers his patients' facial features as a whole, utilizing his experience, and technical expertise.

The overall goal is always to provide the most natural-looking results, while accentuating your best features. This is especially important for patients of Hispanic, African, Middle-Eastern, and Asian descent. Contact the office of Dr. Starkman for some of the best ethnic rhinoplasty Scottsdale has to offer. 

A Leader in Nuanced Rhinoplasty Surgery

Excellent rhinoplasty results begin with selecting the right surgeon. Rhinoplasty in general, particularly ethnic rhinoplasty, requires very precise considerations to achieve an ideal outcome. As a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in advanced rhinoplasty techniques, Dr. Starkman is a renowned rhinoplasty specialist who offers a cosmetic haven for patients seeking the best results available.

Tailoring a rhinoplasty to accentuate the best features of a patient’s face, without losing their heritage, demands a mastery of facial knowledge and surgical technique and also an artistic sense. The days of crafting a “textbook nose” are over, and Dr. Starkman strives to deliver personalized results to every one of his patients.

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Ideal candidates for ethnic rhinoplasty

It is common for rhinoplasty candidates to be concerned that a change to their nose may "erase" a part of their visible identity. Ethnic rhinoplasty, performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, is a procedure intended to address that exact worry. During your consultation, Dr. Starkman will thoroughly examine your facial features, including your overall face size and shape and the size and shape of individual facial structures. This is all a part of ensuring that you receive the most natural-looking results. During your consultation in our Scottsdale office, he will also discuss your cosmetic goals and explain your most realistic expected outcome.

It is no secret that people of different ethnicities have variances in certain facial structures, including the nose. Some of the variances of the nose include the size and shape of the nostrils, the bridge width, the shape of the nasal tip, projection, dorsal height, and many more. During an ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Starkman considers all these factors, as well as your individual facial features. His overall goal is to create a nose that is harmonious, symmetrical, and balanced with your overall face and profile.

Surgical technique during ethnic rhinoplasty

Dr. Starkman and his experienced surgical assistants will help to prepare you for your outpatient surgery. Generally, ethnic rhinoplasty takes 2 – 3 hours, though the time spent in the operating room varies from patient to patient.

Ethnic rhinoplasty regularly involves more than one technique to achieve your desired results, and Dr. Starkman will perform your surgery according to the treatment plan created with you in your consultation.

Once the surgery is complete and the incisions are sutured, your nose will be dressed in a splint and bandages. This is done to control post-op bleeding and swelling, which is especially important because the area is close to the eyes. You can then rest and recuperate in our recovery room until you are ready to go home.

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What to expect following ethnic rhinoplasty

The after-care process for an ethnic rhinoplasty is the same as standard nose surgery. During the first few days, your nose and the surrounding area will be swollen, bruised, and sore. There is also usually a bit of discoloration under the eyes. You can use cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medications to relieve these effects to a degree. There will be follow-up appointments with Dr. Starkman within the first several weeks in order to follow your progress. He will need to make sure your incisions are healing well and get your feedback on how you feel about your new look and the entire healing process.

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How much does ethnic rhinoplasty cost?

Much like standard rhinoplasty, the cost of ethnic nose surgery will differ according to what techniques need to be used and how complicated the surgery will be. Dr. Starkman will be able to talk to you about cost estimates once he has had a thorough consultation with you to learn exactly what you want. Especially for a complicated, nuanced surgery like ethnic rhinoplasty, it is vital that you choose an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Starkman, rather than going to the cheapest doctor.

What if I don't want to keep the ethnic look of my nose?

Every patients' desires and cosmetic goals are different, and Dr. Starkman always creates a treatment plan that can most closely meet those goals. Ethnic rhinoplasty is intended mainly for patients who are concerned about maintaining certain ethnic traits and characteristics. However, even if you don't want to keep your unique ethnic traits, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty.

How is ethnic rhinoplasty different?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is different in that it is intended to allow a patient to refine the size or shape of his or her nose without "erasing" their visible ethnic identity. Each ethnicity has special nasal characteristics, whether it be the bridge width, nostril shape and size, projection, tip shape, and so on. Dr. Starkman recognizes and appreciates that these differences are part of the beauty and integrity of your face. He is highly skilled in the complicated nuances of ethnic rhinoplasty, and his goal is always a refined nose that is harmonious with each patient's overall facial appearance.

Are there non-surgical options for ethnic rhinoplasty?

Unfortunately, there are not. Some patients may have concerns about their noses that could be addressed with an injectable. For example, Restylane Silk could enlarge specific parts of a nose. However, so far, surgery is the only available method of performing proper ethnic rhinoplasty.

Ethnic rhinoplasty at a glance

Average Cost: $7,000 - $10,000
Recovery Time: 1 – 2 Weeks
Average Procedure Time: 2 – 4 Hours
Post-op Follow-up: 1 Week
Procedure Recovery Type: Out-Patient

We are all unique

Subtle changes and natural-looking results are both motivating factors in Dr. Starkman's ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. We invite you to look through his before-and-after gallery of previous patients who have had this type of complex rhinoplasty to see for yourself how he approaches nose surgery. Call and schedule a consultation with him today.

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