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Scottsdale, AZ is a fantastic place to get away, relax, and reset. From its stunning landscapes and views to its premier shopping districts and world-class spas and resorts, Scottsdale is an ideal vacation destination. You can take a guided road trip through the gorgeous desert, spend the day luxuriating at the spa, or explore Scottsdale’s many art galleries. Arizona’s art scene is thriving and diverse — you can experience contemporary, modern, Western, and amazing Native American works. Not only is Scottsdale, AZ a great vacation spot, but it is also the perfect place to recuperate for a few days after plastic surgery at Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery. Half of Dr. Starkman’s patients travel from other cities and states.  He loves to recommend some of his favorite restaurants and top hotels.

Reasons to Travel For Facial Plastic Surgery

The decision to travel for surgery comes with its own set of advantages. Patients are presented with an array of experienced surgeons to consider, enabling them to align their preferences and aesthetic goals more closely. Moreover, the allure of recuperating in a serene environment, far from the demands and distractions of daily life, adds to the appeal of this choice. 

At Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery, we've taken proactive steps to streamline travel arrangements, aiming to make the process as seamless as possible. This is our commitment to ensuring that those who entrust us with their facial transformation journey can do so with peace of mind.


We ask that you stay in the local area for 7-10 days (the length of your stay depends on your procedure). This allows Dr. Starkman to follow up with you, check on your recovery, and ensure that you’re healing well.  We can provide a nurse concierge & meals. 

Once you are cleared by Dr. Starkman, you may fly home, and we can do further follow-ups virtually.

Nurse Concierge

We provide a registered nurse concierge for the first evening after facelift surgery to be available for help with anything from incision cleaning to medications to general questions. It’s a benefit to have instant access to a medical professional experienced in facelift recovery in the immediate recovery period.

This is offered at no cost for the first evening after surgery, and is available for additional visits if desired for an additional fee. It is not necessary if a patient has friends or family who will be with them, but is offered to everyone as an optional benefit.

Convenient Transportation

Dr. Starkman places a strong emphasis on enhancing patient convenience by offering transportation services for all post-surgery facelift appointments, at no additional cost.

Understanding the potential travel difficulties patients might encounter post- operation, he wants to provide a smooth and reliable method for them to reach all medical appointments.


Dr. Starkman recognizes that proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in the recovery process. By providing a 5-day meal plan at no additional cost to his patients, he ensures that they receive nourishment that supports their well-being and aids in the healing journey. It's important to note that convenience meals, often sourced from restaurants or pre-packaged options, tend to be high in salt and sugar while lacking in protein. To promote swift healing after surgery and minimize swelling, consuming a nutritious diet rich in protein while limiting salt and sugar intake is essential.

  • VEGETARIAN MEALS - We offer a curated selection of 15 nourishing vegetarian meals after surgery. These thoughtfully crafted meals not only support the healing process but also cater to individual dietary preferences, ensuring a well-rounded post-operative experience.
  • PROTEIN-PACKED MEALS - We are proud to offer a specialized range of 15 protein-packed meals for patients following surgery. These meals not only promote healing but also provide essential nutrients to aid in the restoration of strength and vitality during the crucial post-operative period.

Local Partnering Hotels Details

The Phoenician

6000 East Camelback Round, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(480) 941-8200

The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

7500 E Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

(480) 444-1234

The Royal Palms

5200 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

(602) 283-1234


a look at the area around the PHOENICIAN HOTEL

a look at the outside of the PHOENICIAN HOTEL

a look at the room at the PHOENICIAN HOTEL

Additional Hotels


The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch is a premier resort in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona. With its stunning backdrop of McDowell Mountains, the resort offers upscale accommodations, award-winning dining, a renowned spa, and an array of recreational activities, making it a sought-after destination for relaxation and luxury.


The Royal Palms Resort and Spa is a hidden gem tucked at the base of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. Known for its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, lush gardens, and upscale amenities, the resort offers a serene and romantic escape for guests seeking a luxurious retreat.


Complementary Photo Screening:
Before scheduling a consultation, we will first have you send in a few photos for Dr. Starkman to assess.

Scheduling a Virtual Consultation:
We are typically booked out about 4 weeks for the soonest available consultation date. We will charge a consultation fee and schedule a time with you that works with your schedule.

Pre-Consultation Check-In:
Our Patient Care Coordinator will be reaching out to you about 2 weeks before the consultation to answer any questions you have.

Virtual Consultation:
The Zoom consultation will be an hour long. You will first meet with one of our nurses to discuss patient medical history. A majority of the meeting will be discussing surgical options with Dr. Starkman and answering any questions you have. At the end, our Patient Care Coordinator will finish the meeting by emailing you a quote based on the procedure you and Dr. Starkman spoke about. She will answer any questions you may have about the quote and schedule.

Booking Surgery:
We are typically booked out about 6-8 weeks in advance.

One month before your surgery:
You should plan to see your primary care physician to receive basic tests and labs, receive an EKG, and get cleared for IV sedation. 

Two weeks before your surgery:
We will have a virtual pre-op with you to discuss the final details of your procedure, go over all supplies and medications related to the procedure, and answer any questions.

One day before your surgery:
You will come into the office to meet Dr. Starkman in person where he can answer any last-minute questions. You will also be meeting with one of our nurses to go over medications and supplies.

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