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About chin augmentation

Our Scottsdale Chin augmentation is a highly sought-after treatment that improves the look of the jawline and chin. For men and women who have recessive chins, chin augmentation can be a life-changing procedure. Many times, when a chin lacks shape and size, it can create an unappealing profile; however, a number of techniques can be performed to highlight the chin.

Dr. Starkman uses a soft silicone implant and places it into the chin area to construct a stronger jawline and a more defined profile. The implant is placed just on top of the bone but underneath the muscle to give it a stable fit. Contact the office of Dr. Starkman for some of the best chin augmentations Scottsdale has to offer. 

Chin implants are designed to be long-lasting without the need to be changed. Additionally, they are available in various sizes and shapes to address each patient's specific needs.

The Specialist in Chin Implant Surgery

As a highly specialized head and neck surgeon with further Fellowship training in Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Starkman is especially suited to perform your facial implant surgery.

When choosing a surgeon for facial implants, it is critical to find someone with a specialized knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics. There are many details to facial implant surgery such as matching the size and type of implant to the features of a patient’s face.

Under-qualified surgeons who are unfamiliar with modern techniques can select inappropriate implants or place them incorrectly. This leads to unnatural, asymmetric, or “overdone” results. Dr. Starkman is properly qualified and experienced to ensure a natural and beautiful result from facial implant surgery.

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Chin augmentation – candidacy and cosmetic options

Chin enhancement (augmentation) is an aesthetic elective surgery for both women and men. If you are self-conscious due to the size and shape of your chin or feel you have a weak profile, this cosmetic enhancement can redefine the lower area of your face and neck. It is also common for some of our patients to get a rhinoplasty when they have their chin augmentation treatment. This blend of enhancements is sometimes recommended to ensure the most balanced proportion for your facial features.

Surgical technique during chin augmentation

During chin augmentation, Dr. Starkman begins by carefully making a short incision just under your chin. Through this incision, he makes a tight pocket to secure the implant in place, which is just on top of the front of the jaw bone.

The implant is inserted through the incision and positioned over the bone into that tight pocket, directly below your bottom lip. When necessary, Dr. Starkman will sculpt the implant to correct for pre-existing asymmetries in the jawline.

Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery

What to expect after chin augmentation

Chin enhancement surgery creates an immediate visible outcome, which is usually treasured by our clients. Although redness, swelling, and bruising will occur after your surgery, this only lasts a short while. For many patients, chin augmentation takes roughly 1 – 3 weeks of recovery. Heavy exercise should be avoided while in this recovery window. Chin augmentation surgery has historically high success rates, and in the hands of a facial surgery specialist like Dr. Starkman, your outcome will look proportionate and refined.

Jawline contouring – a non-surgical option

Dr. Starkman performs many non-surgical treatments at Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery. One of the most popular of these treatments is jawline contouring using Radiesse, an FDA-approved dermal injection that enhances volume in certain areas of the face. By skillfully and strategically injecting your jawline with the necessary amounts of Radiesse, Dr. Starkman can dramatically enhance the look of your jawline.

Some jawline contouring can also be achieved with the use of Morpheus 8 radiofrequency  – a non-surgical option. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Starkman to see what procedure would be right for you. 


How much does chin augmentation cost?

Dr. Starkman will be able to start estimating your total cost for a chin implant during your consultation once your treatment plan is created. Your cost will depend on the type and size of implant you choose, as well as whether you are having any other procedures done. It's always important to focus on choosing a plastic surgeon with experience and proven results like Dr. Starkman, instead of shopping for the lowest price. Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery accepts many payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing that will make your surgery more affordable.

Will augmentation fix my double chin?

Surgical chin augmentation is designed to offer a sharper, stronger look to the jawline. If you want to correct a double chin, you may be a better candidate for liposuction, in which the fat in your neck is corrected. Sometimes, this technique alone can create a new profile without chin augmentation surgery. In some cases, both chin augmentation and neck liposuction are necessary to achieve the desired result.

Can I combine other facial surgeries with chin augmentation?

Absolutely. Some patients combine chin augmentation with other facial surgeries, like cheek augmentation or rhinoplasty. You may also benefit from non-surgical jawline recontouring. It can be difficult to determine on your own which procedure or procedures will be the most beneficial, which is why your consultation with Dr. Starkman is important. He can use his years of experience to create your custom plan.

How does a chin implant affect shaving for men?

It does not significantly affect shaving. While you are still wearing your surgical dressings on the incision, you will need to shave around them. Once Dr. Starkman says it is okay to remove the dressings, you should be able to tell if your incision is healed enough to shave over. However, you may need to wait a few more days. When you do shave again, just make sure not to place extra pressure on the implant and the surrounding muscles. When you are fully healed, you should be able to shave as normal.

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Chin augmentation at a glance

Average Cost: $8,000 - $9,500
Recovery Time: 1 – 2 Weeks
Average Procedure Time: 1 Hour
Post-op Follow-up: 1 Week
Procedure Recovery Type: Out-Patient

Your dream jawline

Cosmetic chin surgery has proven to be extremely beneficial to many men and women. Chin augmentation creates harmony and balanced definition, delicately recontouring your facial structure and look. If you do not like the look of your chin and believe it is too recessed, chin augmentation can offer the look you want. We welcome you to contact Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery and plan your consultation with Dr. Sidney Starkman to learn more about your cosmetic surgery options.

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