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At Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, our intention is to provide the most accurate expectations for our patients. We understand the complexity of the cosmetic field, and during your consultation, we hope to allay fears concerning your ultimate outcome. Dr. Starkman will work with you to ensure the two of you are on the same page prior to surgery. To help with this, he employs Mirror Medical Imaging Software.


Mirror software is the industry standard for patient imaging, allowing you to fully reflect your potential. It allows Dr. Starkman to maximize your self image, providing maximum flexibility and value. Mirror helps patients with imaging solutions that allow them to see their ultimate visage, and Dr. Starkman uses it to the utmost in providing his patients with realistic expectations.

Mirror delivers image management in a HIPAA compliant environment, ensuring your images are 100% private. With patient charts, customizable procedure libraries, and patient chart structure, Mirror is a solid backbone for medical image capture systems.


With Mirror, we can provide an instant view of your future results by simulating facial rejuvenation procedures on images of your actual face. In this way, you can preview your results with Dr. Starkman, ensuring that the two of you reach a similar cosmetic expectation. With Mirror, we can easily simulate the benefits of many facial plastic surgery procedures, along with injectables, laser procedures, and other rejuvenating treatment. With Mirror, we are able to achieve mutual expectation and allow you to understand what’s in store.

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