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From the moment you call our office to your final follow-up appointment, our goal is a personalized patient experience. Dr. Starkman has built his practice upon truly dedicating exceptional attention to every patient’s concerns in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Initial visit

Upon arriving, we will welcome you into our lobby with refreshments. Service is rapid, and we will escort you to a private patient room.

One of our registered nurses will introduce the practice and take your medical history.

You will then have a detailed conversation with Dr. Starkman, covering concerns, goals, and treatment options. We consistently get feedback from our patients regarding the detail and thoroughness of this consultation, allowing them to become fully educated on their option.

If relevant, Dr. Starkman will perform a photographic simulation using Mirror Software.

During the consultation, Dr. Starkman will also use illustrations, animations, and our own patient gallery to help detail your treatment options.

Following the consultation, we will introduce you to our patient coordinator for all details about potential surgery scheduling.

Following the initial consultation, Dr. Starkman encourages all patients to contact him via phone or email, or even return for a second consultation if they have any unanswered questions.

Pre-op visit

If you decide to move forward with surgery, you will have a pre-operative visit within two weeks of your surgery. During this visit, we will complete all paperwork and provide pre-op instructions, all to ensure the day of surgery is stress free.

During the pre-op visit, we also provide all post-op supplies that will be needed during the recovery process—these include written instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and beautiful cosmetic outcome.

We will prescribe any necessary medications, which we will then hold until the day of surgery.

We will schedule the first post-op appointment.

IV sedation

At Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, we use local anesthesia with or without IV sedation in all cases.

In all procedures, we exclusively use IV sedation—not general anesthesia—in our AAAASF-Accredited surgery center. IV sedation is always provided by a board-certified anesthesia provider.

With IV sedation, patients are breathing on their own, without the need for a breathing tube or mechanical ventilation.

We also offer Pro-Nox for minor procedures. This is 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It is patient controlled, so they can breathe in as much as they want. It helps with anxiety and is a distraction from any discomfort. It is quick-acting and wears off within 15 minutes so patients can drive themselves home.

More on general anesthesia vs. IV sedation

General anesthesia is very safe, and Dr. Starkman has used it for many years. He chooses IV sedation for several reasons:

  • General anesthesia can dilate blood vessels and lead to more bleeding during surgery, which leads to more bruising/swelling and a longer recovery.
  • IV sedation has a far quicker recovery period. General anesthesia can sometimes take over 24 hours to fully recover, while the recovery from IV sedation is almost immediate.
  • General anesthesia typically requires a breathing tube and mechanical ventilation, while IV sedation allows patients to control their own breathing without the need for a tube.

Day of Surgery

You will be called two to three days prior to surgery to review all details, arrival time, instructions, and any further questions you may have.

We ask that patients remove all jewelry and wear tops that are button up or low cut.

You will arrive 30-60 minutes before the scheduled surgery time.

You will be checked in with our surgical staff and brought to the pre-operative area of the practice.

We will provide you with a surgical gown and socks. Your belongings will be stored in a bag for after the surgery.

Just prior to surgery, Dr. Starkman will meet with you to review the plan for surgery. Additionally, if IV sedation is to be used, our board-certified anesthesiologist will also meet to review the anesthesia plan.

We will place an IV for the administration of medication and bring you to the operating room.

Once the procedure is over, we will bring you to the recovery area, where you will recover for a period of several hours. Once you are ready, you will go home with a friend or family member.

Dr. Starkman will call you that evening to check in.

Post-op expectations

Following surgery, we practice close follow-up with all our patients. As mentioned above, we will provide a full list of aftercare instructions to ensure thorough preparation and a smooth recovery. We will provide Arnica Montana to decrease bruising.

While you recover in our recovery suite, Dr. Starkman will check in with you and answer any questions.

Some swelling and bruising is expected, and this will begin to resolve within four days after surgery.

You will be able to reach Dr. Starkman and our staff 24/7 for any post-operative questions or concerns.

One of our registered nurses will reach out four days after surgery to check on your progress

Multiple postoperative visits will be planned over the following weeks and months to continue to evaluate your progress


View Update Virtual Consultation


We are excited to announce that we have resumed seeing patients on a limited basis for select visits and procedures. The majority of our new patient consultations and follow-up checks will be done via telemedicine to minimize patient traffic to the office.

Patient safety has always been our number one priority, and we are implementing the following policies to meet and exceed safety standards for our patients. We greatly appreciate your compliance and understanding.

  1. Dr. Starkman and all clinical staff will wear N95 masks and eye protection for the entirety of each patient’s visit.
  2. Patient appointment confirmation must be completed 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  3. Patient screening will consist of a screening questionnaire and a temperature check. Any patient with risk factors or a fever will be rescheduled.
  4. We are instituting a “No Waiting in the Waiting Room” Policy. Patients will be immediately screened and escorted to their private exam room.
  5. Surgical-grade air recirculators have been installed in each patient room to recycle each room’s air every 4 minutes.
  6. Guests, children, or visitors other than the patient will be limited.
  7. Pre-operative COVID-19 testing will be obtained 4-5 days prior to any scheduled procedure.
  8. Patients will enter our main entrance and exit out of our side exit. The one-way flow of traffic will allow for a comprehensive cleaning of the waiting room prior to the next patient.

We appreciate the understanding and patience of all of you. We can’t wait to see you all again. Dr. Starkman and Staff

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