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Part of the body's natural aging process includes the slowing of collagen and elastin production in the skin. The end result is more visible creases, wrinkles, and lines, as well as loose skin on the jowls, chin, and neck. To combat these symptoms of aging, Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery offers FaceTite.

This advanced non-surgical facelift procedure, performed by Dr. Starkman, uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to heat up and dislodge cells, causing the skin to tighten and allowing collagen to be produced at a faster rate. It is possible to enjoy a tighter, more youthful facial appearance that has fewer wrinkles without dealing with the invasiveness and downtime associated with lifting surgeries. We encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Scottsdale, AZ practice to learn more about FaceTite and its benefits.

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It’s been 4 months since I got my facetite procedure and I could not be more pleased.  I am so happy with the results I received especially for a non surgical, no down time procedure. I even feel it is still working and getting better and better as time goes on.

Laurie A.

Not Just Another Non-Surgical Facelift

Over the past decade, as demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation has increased, the number of non-surgical facelift treatments has skyrocketed. The vast majority of these have yielded short-term or unsatisfactory results. 

FaceTite has revolutionized the market with a minimally-invasive option that can replicate a degree of what a mini-facelift can do without the incisions. It is the only treatment that uses true bipolar, temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to both tighten the skin and melt underlying fat.

Dr. Starkman is not an ordinary FaceTite provider—he is a Fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon. Known for his transparency, technical skills, and warm demeanor, Dr. Starkman offers extensive training and experience in all procedures of the face. With his intricate understanding of facial anatomy and procedures, he has refined his FaceTite procedure to give his patients maximum results.

He also is devoted to giving patients a detailed explanation regarding the difference between FaceTite and a surgical facelift or mini-lift. His professional knowledge, coupled with his artistic eye, lead Dr. Starkman’s patients to be thrilled with their subtle, natural results after FaceTite.

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New Year, New You   Minimally Invasive Facial Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

Ideal candidates for FaceTite

FaceTite is a great choice for the many patients who fall inside of the “treatment gap” between surgical and non-therapies. While it is not a replacement for a surgical facelift, FaceTite can give results comparable to a mini-lift with minimal recovery downtime and without any scars. Most patients have previously exhausted non-surgical options such as fillers, but don’t want invasive surgery due to the recovery time or cost.

You are a good candidate for this procedure if you're experiencing classic signs of aging and wish for an improvement in collagen production for tighter skin. In order to receive this treatment, you should not be pregnant or have had cosmetic injections performed within the last 6 – 8 months. A consultation with Dr. Starkman will better help you learn whether you qualify for this procedure.

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How does FaceTite work?

This aesthetic treatment utilizes a minimally invasive technique that involves inserting a very small cannula beneath your skin while using local anesthesia (lidocaine) to numb the neck and face. Once the cannula is placed, the temperature can be monitored and controlled via internal and external thermometers to make sure the heat remains at a safe level. The radiofrequency energy that the FaceTite device emits will be effective in minimizing fat cells and will also cause the skin to contract, stimulating an increase in collagen production. A FaceTite session typically takes around 45 minutes and is done as an in-office procedure.

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What to expect following FaceTite

After a FaceTite procedure, you will be asked to return home to rest for the remainder of the day wearing a compression garment. You should be able to return to your daily routine by the next day. It may take 3-10 days for any redness or swelling to subside. Strenuous activities and exercises should still be avoided for approximately 1 – 2 weeks following the procedure. Patients will usually notice some visible results right after their FaceTite treatment.

However, because the procedure involves stimulating the collagen process, you will begin to see more gradual improvements at around 4 weeks afterward. The results will then continue to improve for 6 months following treatment as collagen and elastin fibers in your face and neck continue to form. Your results will be long-lasting if you keep a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise.

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What about a surgical facelift?

FaceTite is an outstanding option for the tightening and contouring of your face without surgery. However, if more drastic, lasting results are desired, a surgical facelift may be more fitting. After discussing your aesthetic goals and lifestyle, Dr. Starkman will help you decide which procedure is right for you.

How many treatments will I need?

In many cases, one treatment with FaceTite provides the desired result. But in some cases, an additional or follow-up procedure is necessary. Dr. Starkman will include the recommended number of treatments in your customized treatment plan so you know what to expect before your first procedure.

How long will my results last?

Results following a FaceTite treatment are long-lasting. The patients who enjoy lasting results for years are diligent in living a healthy lifestyle with a clean diet and regular exercise. If you would like to touch-up your results or complement the outcome with other non-surgical procedures, ask Dr. Starkman what he recommends during your consultation.

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Average Cost: $7,000 - $8,500
Recovery Time: 3-5 Days
Average Procedure Time: 45 Minutes
Post-op Follow-up: 1 Day

Younger, Tighter Skin

Surgical procedures, like face and neck lifts, don't have to be your only option for creating tighter, younger-looking skin. FaceTite, offered by our Scottsdale, AZ practice, is a non-surgical facelift procedure that can tighten skin and address a stubborn double chin. It uses a unique radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis technique that ignites collagen and contracts the skin. Call today to schedule your consultation with Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery.

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